Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Best and My Worst - II

Lets remember what we shared...i ask
Let me heal...i beg
Let me be....i plead

Numb, expressionless, angry, alone.Ive had my heart ripped and torn. Ive had my trust betrayed. Ive been stabbed in the back so many times that it is now immune to the blade. Its like take it for granted. I bleed, the blood dries, I stand up, change and I walk again.

I want a new life, I will have a new life and I will have a beautiful life. Its just a tough road to walk and i slip,i fall, i hurt,i bleed, i cry..but i pull myself up again to start walking again. Its difficult sliding back 3 steps for every one you take...but not impossible.I will share again, I will trust again and I will love again.

I have made peace with the world today.
I have made peace with you today.
I have made peace with the road today.

I will sleep today...

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