Monday, May 31, 2010

3 Indians, a Frenchman, an Eastern European and a Crazy Japanese guy

Walking into their first squat after somehow working through a bad
british accent giving directions,they find the place.
It just fills they're mind with what people can do with an abandoned
space and that too put all this up in less than 5hrs.

Blows their mind

Now its like the laws don't exist under this roof. A peddler every 3
steps to sell you everything under ths sun.

The air thick with smoke....ganja,charas,skunk, fucking marlboros...they
don't know.they just take it all in...slowly losing themselves with
every step to this monster in front of us sitting and smiling with
open arms.

Everybody smiling,everybody polite,everybody just happy and it
resonates across the room. They pause and take this all in..someones
already rolling the first joint..

Puff puff and pass...suddenly the room seems smaller and this guy sees
a peddler friend..1 visual,1 power visual and a gram of mdma he tells
him.monies exchanged and the start of a long night filled with
drugs,alcohol and some heavy music.

He's never done chemicals he tells him. So he's not sure weather this
is the right time or place to do it. Thoughts of home,work and
beautfiul zee flood his mind. Do it now,he tells himself, there's not
going to be another time and you've got people to take care of you so
don't worry.

They move to the corner and open the pouch with mdma in it. Lick
finger,stick it in and gently place it on your tounge. The bitter
taste floods his mouth.tastes vaguely familiar to karelas he
thinks..hmm. He goes back to ask him how much time it would take for
it to kick in. Half an hour at most. The greedy eastern european
finishes the rest befor his friend who payed for part of it could have

The music slowly floods the room and its like two big arms pulling you
closer. An hour passes,his left leg starts feeling warmer and thoughts
of the night and the woman he's so in love with flood his mind.

Get out of this, he tells himself. Enjoy the night but get out of this.

An hour and a half and he's still waiting for it to kick in.he walks
around to the other rooms to see what's happening.

A small smile on his face as he walks I high, he asks himself.
Hmmmmm no..back he goes upstairs to the main room.

They're all rolling the third joint of the night and its another puff
puff pass and he turns to me and want half a visual? Do half
if its you're first time..he shrugs his shoulders and says why not
man.offers it to his friend who's sitting next to him who passes and
so places it gently on his tounge.

Stare at the image in front of you he tells him but he just wants to
document this night tell he is physically capable of doing so.

Story so far - 5 pints of carlsbergs(500ml)+ 6 joints+ a lick of mdma+ half a
visual acid + a can of cider.

Will he get through the night? Well if the story gets out then he
probably has else the person who stole his phone has the sense to get
this up online somewhere...

Part 2 next...