Friday, April 30, 2010

Conversations with the mysterious superhero "Boxwoman"

Secret conversations with a closet superhero.

B.W - Is that what u thot of me as well.

B.B - When?

B.W - We first interacted.

B.B - No,first was arrey who's this college kid frying my head bout a laptop the time

B.W - When later we started chatting about 'work' and stuff.

B.B - Never weird,always wired and super enthu loud...why 20 questions?

B.W - Cause I'm a lot like her.

B.B - Not at all..please!!!!!! Ur anything but her..she talks more than required.

B.W - Ok so I'm gonna scoot.

B.B - Because my answers weren't satisfactory???? Wtf.

B.W - Yup and hence I steal ure boxes and run away.

B.B - That's actually a funny picture,you with 3 big cartons on your head!!!

C.S - Yeah? Well guess what ure carrying 2.

B.B - Aaahhhhhhh ok!

B.W - Up up up.

B.B - Now you're superman.

B.W - I'm not a man in a silly red sheet.

B.B - So what superhero are you?

B.W - Boxwoman u wanna be my sidekick..:)

B.B - I was wondering when you'd ask..I was like,shit shit..can I be her sidekick,can I be her sidekick. And now in this excitement,I've forgotten my name and superpower.

B.W - U are mallu friday. Come let's fly mf.

My next conversation with this superhero will see me re-christened as M.F (mallu friday or MoFo?)