Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The 10Best & 10Worst

I love cinema. Most people(broadly speaking) would stick to or shun a movie based on actors, genre, language, director, IMDB rating, colour/black & white, year etc. But i watch them all irrespective of the moans, the groans and the thousand insults i get after getting a group to go and watch a movie. My last memorable insult was when I coaxed my friends to come watch Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher. If you've seen the movie or plan on seeing it, you'll understand the related abuses after we finished watching the movie.

Ive been meaning to put together a list of the 10 best and the 10 worst movies ive had the pleasure of watching. Im going to start with the 10 worst in no order of how badly they suck, cos they all suck. Let me know what you think. Putting up one right now, the rest to follow tommorrow

Experiments in Torture

I think this is one was made by a blind screen writer and deaf music composer and a retarted director with a group of busty/dumb primates for actors. They've effectively managed to use cinema as a medium to torture the audience. When i picked the dvd with the saw/hostel like poster, i was immediatly curious. Turn the dvd around and the synopsis sings of a group of woman being tortured in ways too graphic to imagine, stuff that would put saw and hostel to shame. "A breakthrough" some dumb asshole reporter from some bankrupt newspaper was quoted as saying on the cover. Well as soon as it starts, im telling myself "fucked up movie, fucked up movie" and that should have been advice well taken but i pushed on waiting for the movie to save itself. never happened. This movie wouldnt shock a 90 year old with a heart ailment. Stupid bimbos running around, getting stoned or drunk. Then getting tortured by some lame ass bad guy with a mask on his face. I remember waking up to the credits... thats how bad it was

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